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Leader Ravakka is an association working with rural development

Leader Ravakka is a rural development association and a Local Action Group (LAG) implementing the Leader method in Southwest Finland. We operate in seven municipalities: Eurajoki, Rauma, Pyhäranta, Uusikaupunki, Vehmaa, Mynämäki and Laitila.

The leader method

We work with a bottom-up approach and our board is composed of both public and private representatives. This Leader method is a local development method designed to engage local actors in the creation and delivery of strategies, decision-making and resource allocation for the development of their rural areas. 

We are striving to encourage and promote local development, be it entrepreneurship or sense of community! We help rural actors realise the long-term potential of their local region, build community capacity and stimulate innovation. We are currently implementing our local development strategy ”Loisto” for the period between 2014 and 2020.

Following our local development strategy

The Leader method is carried out through integrated and multi-sectoral area-based local development strategies, designed to take into consideration local needs and potential.

Our local development strategy is called Loisto 2014-2020. Loisto means light in English and the logo of the strategy is a lighthouse. In Loisto, there are four target themes: employment for the people, active daily life, the environment in which we live in and intangible capital and the meeting of cultures.  There are also four intersecting themes; know-how, innovation, collaboration and transnational cooperation

our area

The population of the region is approximately 80 000 inhabitants. About 60 000 of them live in rural areas. 

our history

Maaseudun kehittämisyhdistys Ravakka ry was founded as a rural development association on 22.5.1997 to develop an agricultural development programme (POMO) in the area.

our international projects

We at Leader Ravakka coordinate our own international projects. Take a closer look!


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What next?

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